Our Attorneys

Meet the Lacy Katzen Team

Peter Rodgers, Managing Partner of Law Firm Peter T. Rodgers

Managing Partner of the Law Firm
Chair of the Medical, Hospital and Nursing Home Malpractice Practice Group

Karen Schaefer, Chair of Business Succession Planning Karen Schaefer

Chair of the Business Succession and Estate Planning Practice Group
Member of the law firm’s Management Committee

Lawrence Schwind, Family Law Lawyer Lawrence J. Schwind

Partner and Chair of the Family Law Practice Group
Resident Partner of the Greece Office

David Anderson, Elder Law Attorney David E. Anderson

Partner and Chair of the Trusts & Estates Practice Group

Craig Welch, Chair of Corporate Business Law Craig R. Welch

Partner and Chair of the Corporate
Business and Banking Law Practice Group
Member of the law firm's Management Committee

Terrance Emmens, Chair of Elder Law Terrance W. Emmens

Chair of the Elder Law and Medicaid Planning Practice Group
Member of the law firm's Management Committee since 2013

Mark Stein, Evictions Attorney Mark H. Stein


Christopher Mumford, Real Estate Attorney Christopher B. Mumford

Partner and Resident Partner of the Ontario Office

Jacqueline Thomas, Chair of Litigation Group Jacqueline M. Thomas

Chair of the Litigation Practice Group
Partner in charge of Risk Management

Daniel Bryson, Chair of Municipal Law Group Daniel S. Bryson

Chair of the Municipal Law Practice Group
Chair of the Real Estate Practice Group

Jennifer Chadwick, Rochester Lawyer Jennifer L. Chadwick


Matthew Ryen, Private Lending Lawyer Matthew A. Ryen


John Refermat, Chair of Creditors Rights Law John T. Refermat


Chair of Creditor Rights Practice Group

Lisa Arrington, Estate Planning Lawyer Lisa C. Arrington


Mary Fisher, Estate Administration Attorney Mary V. Fisher


Timothy Muck, Corporate Law Attorney Timothy C. Muck


Robin Folts, Estate Planning Lawyer Robin L. Folts


Leon Katzen, Founder of Law Group Leon Katzen

Senior Counsel and Founder

Louis Ryen, Senior Counsel Louis A. Ryen

Senior Counsel

Michael S. Schnittman

Of Counsel

Robert J. Burke Robert J. Burke
Of Counsel
David MacKnight, Bankruptcy Lawyer David D. MacKnight


Joanne Constantino, Estate Administration Lawyer Joanne Constantino


Robert Vigdor, Real Estate Lawyer Robert M. Vigdor


John Wells, Litigation Lawyer John M. Wells


Michael Wegman, Litigation Attorney Michael Wegman


Rachelle H. Nuhfer