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One of our founders, Leon Katzen, continues to maintain an office at the firm.Our Legacy

In 1950, two World War II veterans and young attorneys, Herb Lacy and Leon Katzen, had a vision—to create a full-service regional law firm that represented each client with unmatched advocacy. They also believed in a philosophy—that being a good lawyer goes beyond the knowledge of the law and must include a dedication and caring for the clients being served. This philosophy is what brought Herb and Leon together more than 60 years ago, and continues to be their legacy to the firm and its clients today.

Today more than 25 attorneys and 50 staff members continue to serve our local, regional and national clients with a “Passion. For People.” It’s why Lacy Katzen is proud and gratified to have received the highest rating of quality from Martindale-Hubbell, the nation’s leading reviewer of law firms.

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