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Do You Know the Rating of Your Loved One’s Nursing Home?

Updated February 22, 2022.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, concerns grew around facilities considered to be highly vulnerable to the virus, including nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. As a result, New York State lawmakers have been pushing for increased safety at these facilities and encouraging compliance with health guidelines.

Because of New York State lawmakers’ efforts, in November 2021 a new law went into effect that requires nursing homes to display their most recent star rating. The U.S. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services uses a five-star system to assess nursing homes across the country. To view a facility’s rating, visit their physical location, website, or the State Department of Health website.

If you are considering a nursing home or long-term care facility for a loved one or if a loved one is already living in a facility, you now have easy access to the star rating. At Lacy Katzen, we encourage you to refer to star ratings when choosing a facility. If you would like to read more about protecting your loved one in a nursing facility, we invite you to read “Protecting Your Loved One in a Nursing Home.”

The decision to place your loved one in a nursing facility is often a very emotional and challenging time for families. There may come a point when you wonder if your loved one is experiencing or has experienced negligence. Lacy Katzen has helped many families in similar situations. If that time comes for your family, we invite you to contact us.

By John Wells, Partner, Lacy Katzen, LLP


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