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Lacy Katzen Culture Team Collaborates With Community Program to Help Homeless Women and Children During Unprecedented Times

Updated March 13, 2023.

The current pandemic has presented communities around the world with many new challenges, however also with new opportunities – opportunities to become more involved in helping each other during these difficult times.  And for some of the most vulnerable in our communities, such as women and children already reeling from the day-to-day struggles of homelessness, these times are especially tough.

Coldwater Residential Home located at 240 Coldwater Road in Rochester, NY, offers a Women & Children’s person-centered Christian Residential Program.  The program is designed to assist individuals in crisis situations through strengthening families while offering a safe, comprehensive, and dignified environment. The Women & Children’s Residential Program at the Home helps women develop a plan for sustainable living – offering medical, vocational and academic assessments in addition to training in parenting, nutrition, job readiness, self-care and money management.

This past holiday season, Lacy Katzen’s Culture Team led by Human Resources Manager, Sherry Rettew, rallied together to assist the Coldwater Home in providing holiday gifts to their residents.

Juanita Ryan, a legal assistant in our litigation practice, took charge and collaborated with the Coldwater Home staff to develop a resident “wish list”.  Wishes varied from a variety of clothes and undergarments to a prayer journal, face cream, or a pair of pajamas.  Children wished for simple gifts like baby dolls, toy trucks, and power ranger figurines. There was even a list for basic supplies such as bed linens, towels and paper products. Lacy Katzen’s attorneys and employees quickly signed up, went shopping and ensured that every mother and child on the list would have gifts to open.

On December 17th, Culture Team members Sarah DiChiara (Director of Operations) and Juanita Ryan delivered baskets overflowing with gifts for the families at Coldwater Residential Home!

In addition to individuals already mentioned, additional members of Lacy Katzen’s culture team include: Attorneys Collin Doane, Nathan Shoff and Mark Stein; and legal support professionals Chelsea Diesel and Susan Naccarella.

At Lacy Katzen, we were both grateful and humbled to have worked alongside the Coldwater Residential Home. Our attorneys and staff, through their generosity, made it possible to brighten the holidays for some families. However the Coldwater Home works tirelessly day after day, and year after year to make a positive impact on the lives of homeless women and children in our community.

If you have any questions, please contact our General Inquiry Attorneys.

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