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Orleans County Nursing Home to Be Sued by New York State Attorney General’s Office

Updated December 5, 2022.
On November 30, 2022, the NY State Attorney General, Letitia James announced that her office will be suing The Villages of Orleans Health and Rehabilitation Center. The lawsuit includes allegations of resident neglect and financial fraud.
Reports of repeated resident neglect include leaving people in soiled diapers, overmedicating, lack of implementing doctor-ordered treatment, starvation, and many other inhumane and horrific indignities.
The financial fraud allegations state that the nursing home’s owners used the state’s Medicaid program to increase their personal profits, rather than for staffing and patient care.
At Lacy Katzen, we are always saddened to hear of nursing home abuse situations. Every human being deserves to be treated with the highest level of care including dignity and respect, especially when they are at their most helpless and vulnerable. Below are some ways you may be able to protect your loved ones if they are living in a care facility.
Call and visit as much as you can.
Be an active participant in all care plan meetings.
Monitor their care on an ongoing basis, including ensuring medication is being administered correctly.
Signs of neglect can be subtle or obvious. These signs may include but are not limited to: bedsores or pressure ulcers, sudden weight loss, soiled bedding and clothes, withdrawn behavior, growing lack of friendly interaction with the nursing home staff or other nursing home residents, unreasonable fear or suspicion, being evasive or isolating.
At times, it may be hard to put your finger on what could be wrong. We have had many clients tell us they just felt something was off or didn’t make sense. If you suspect your loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse, we invite you to contact us to review your concerns and potential next steps.


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