Talcum Powder Lawsuits Continue to Pile Up for Johnson & Johnson

Updated March 13, 2023.

Talcum powder lawsuits claim that talcum powder brands including Johnson & Johnson, knew their talc was dangerous, yet did nothing to warn consumers.  Other powder brands included in the litigation are Old Spice, Gold Bond and Shower to Shower. Plaintiffs allege the powders were contaminated by asbestos and could cause cancer, including mesothelioma and ovarian cancer.

In 2018 a Reuters report revealed that between 1971 and 2003, the raw talc and talcum power in J&J’s baby powder contained trace amounts of asbestos. The Reuters article also cited numerous internal J&J company memos, reports, and other documents disclosed during talc lawsuits that suggest the company knew of the danger.

In late 2021, Bloomberg reported that J&J chose the scientists that wrote a 2009 report on the potential carcinogenic effects of talc.  Plaintiffs are outraged that the FDA later used this seemingly less than independent report to decide NOT to put a cancer warning on talc products.

You may have a lawsuit if you have used a talcum powder product and later developed ovarian cancer or mesothelioma. In cases of ovarian cancer, women must have used talc-containing products around the genitals frequently, daily or almost daily, for a significant amount of time before developing ovarian cancer. Cornstarch-based powders are do not contain talc.

If you or a loved used talc based powder products on a regular basis prior to developing mesothelioma or ovarian cancer, it is important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. Please contact attorney Jacqueline Thomas for assistance.

By Jacqueline Thomas

April 25, 2022

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