Regulatory, Compliance & Licensing Issues

Our attorneys work with individuals and entities in applying for licenses—such as liquor licenses, permits, insurance licenses, etc.—to operate a business. We assist minority- and woman-owned businesses with filings for certifications and complying with the applicable laws for minority, woman-owned (WBE) or disadvantaged (DBE) status at the federal, state and agency levels. Our clients also come to us for guidance in complying with regulatory matters that impact their businesses, such as the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), import and export laws (and other regulatory matters), and mineral and gas issues (fracking).

We work with financial institutions, including credit unions, banks and private lenders, to ensure their compliance with federal and state laws. We review loan documentation, advertising, vendor contracts, account agreements, account disclosures, notices and collection procedures to make sure that our clients are in compliance with such laws as:

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