Estate Planning

Estate planning ensures that in the case of your incapacity or death, your personal matters and finances are handled the way you wish. Careful planning has brought you to where you are now financially and with continued careful planning, your finances will be handled in accordance with your objectives after you’re gone.

Throughout all the steps of the process, Lacy Katzen estate planning attorneys will assist you. We will help you plan for the future; from the planning stage before death or disability occurs, all the way through managing assets in the event of disability, to handling disputes that may arise, and to administering the estate or trust upon death or other events that require careful attention and thoughtful solutions.

If your estate plan is not well conceived and up to date:

Our estate planning attorneys will work with you to develop a comprehensive estate plan by identifying your objectives, reviewing and understanding your assets, income and family circumstances. The estate plan created will insure that your assets are managed and protected in the most suitable way for you and your intended beneficiaries. Outlined are some of the considerations and matters our estate planning attorneys address as part the comprehensive plan created for each of our clients:

Our estate planning attorneys also prepare wills and other planning instruments, such as:

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