Commercial Debt Collections

Businesses often have complex collections situations involving bankruptcy issues, goods and services that are unpaid, and other circumstances requiring the review of a credit agreement or contract signed by the debtor to determine if there is a valid guarantee. Knowing as much as possible about the debtor in these situations helps to understand their ability to pay and if a suit should be started.

Our collection attorneys understand the need for urgency and have standards to move your case along as fast as the law will allow. We provide status reports as the suit process moves forward and we aggressively pursue all avenues of post-judgment enforcement proceedings. Our collection attorneys are prepared to deal with any bankruptcy that may be filed by the debtor and will act to ensure the rights of the creditor are protected.

In some commercial cases, it may be necessary to litigate specific commercial issues, including breach of contract, liability of personal guarantors and commercial fraud. Our collections team works closely with our commercial attorneys and bankruptcy attorneys to handle litigated cases and file Proofs of Claim and Objections to Discharge, respectively. We use a team approach to pursuing commercial debt delinquencies and are here to help you in all aspects of your business that may result in suits on your behalf.

Our collection attorneys have experience in the following types of commercial debts:

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