Consumer Debt Collection

Our collection attorneys have years of experience in collecting delinquent accounts, both small and large. Whether you’re a local financial institution, a credit union, a regional or national institution or a business owner who is rightfully owed monies, we can be as aggressive or conservative as you require and we are able to handle your matter through all stages of collections, from start to finish.

We are committed to recovering your delinquent accounts—from sending an initial demand letter to pursuing legal action—and provide each individual debtor with a number of resources needed to facilitate payment. If necessary, we will take legal action: from commencing a lawsuit to post-judgment enforcement activity.

Our mission is to recover what you are owed as quickly as possible.  We have a well-deserved reputation of diligently and aggressively pursuing debtors and enforcing money judgments. In doing so, we take advantage of all the tools and legally available means at our disposal.

We also understand that maintaining your reputation is a major priority and we have proven our ability to maximize recovery while showing compassion to individual debtors and always remaining mindful of the client’s reputation. Our collection attorneys are well versed and up to date in following local, state and federal laws to ensure the debt is collected fairly, legally and effectively. Our goal is to maximize your recovery using measures that are appropriate and comfortable for you, the client!

Because, to us, “fair” and “debt collection” naturally go together. Our experience includes, but is not limited to, the following types of consumer debts:

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