Welcome David Pettig’s Clients!

A heartfelt welcome to David Pettig’s new and longstanding clients:

Everyone at Lacy Katzen extends a warm welcome to David Pettig’s clients.  David faithfully served his clients for forty years and we are privileged to have been selected by him to continue on in that rich tradition of outstanding client service.  At Lacy Katzen our motto is “Passion for People” and it is our passion for serving clients that we believe perfectly aligns with David’s values and persuaded him to entrust us with continuing his practice. Barbie Ruffell, David’s senior paralegal, has been vital to the successful transition of David’s practice to Lacy Katzen, and we are impressed by her strong connections and dedication to David’s clients.  We look forward to incorporating Barbie into our work familywhile building our own strong connections with all of you.

Lacy Katzen’s Trust and Estates (T&E) group, like the firm itself, has grown steadily over time.  The nine attorneys that presently form the core of the T&E practice group have different talents and differing areas of practice concentration.  For simplicity, we can divide our Trust and Estates practice into four areas:

We are fortunate to have the depth of experience to efficiently address the vast majority of issues that are presented every day to every-day people.  Please contact a Lacy Katzen attorney at 585-454-5650.  Our Receptionist will assist in directing your call to the attorney best suited to handle your matter.   We can then work together to identify your goals.

You can also contact any attorney directly.  Our e-mail and direct dial phone numbers, along with our biographies, can be found on our website and we welcome your reaching out to us.  In addition to our Trusts and Estates practice, as a full service law firm we can assist you with other legal matters as well including:

If you would like to speak with Barbie Ruffell, David’s senior Paralegal, she can be reached at 585-324-5725. Barbie will gladly work with you and within our group to identify the appropriate attorney best able to address your legal questions.

Click here for a list of our Trusts and Estates attorneys

Click here to contact Barbie Ruffell

David has earned his retirement and he will be greatly missed.  We understand how difficult it can be to establish new relationships.  However, we have every confidence that we can build on David’s good reputation and match his high-minded work with passion, purpose, skill and great intensity to meet your objectives.  We look forward to working with each and every one of you.

– Craig R. Welch, Managing Partner