Estate Planning & Administration

The estate planning attorneys at Lacy Katzen are experienced at helping to guide you through the estate planning and administration process.   No matter how simple or complex your estate plan is we will work with you to establish Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, Wills and Trusts.    At Lacy Katzen, we make it our mission to carry out your estate plan in a sensitive and respectful manner—all the while keeping in mind that you worked a lifetime to build a legacy to leave behind when you are gone.

What is Estate Administration?

After a loved one has passed away many things need to be done such as gathering assets, bills must be paid, and assets must be distributed.  The process of managing a person’s affairs through to completion after death is called estate administration. Our estate administration attorneys will build relationships with those whom you select as Power of Attorney, Executors of your Will and the others you place your trust in to successfully complete the administration of your estate and personal affairs.  Our Estate Administration lawyers will represent executors and administrators through the process.

Why Choose Lacy Katzen?

We pride ourselves on making it easy for those you care about during this difficult time.  Our Estate Administration team handles all of the complexities and interplay between the courts, taxing authorities, beneficiaries and fiduciaries you have named.  Our estate administration attorneys will provide planning options and opportunities to reduce taxes and other costs and time delays that can be burdensome to your survivors.

We understand that a person’s final wishes are sacred.  Honoring them is our privilege.

If you have been named Power of Attorney, Executor, Trustee, or a beneficiary and you have questions regarding your rights and obligations or just need help with the estate administration, contact Lacy Katzen at 585.454.5650.

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