Long Term Care, Estate & Trust Planning Options

Estate and trust administration is the process of ensuring your estate or trust is administered in accordance with the wishes expressed in your will, trust agreement and beneficiary designations, and in the way you structured your assets. During the estate planning stage prior to death or disability, our estate administration team rarely knows exactly what they will have to address at the administration stage. Asset values, applicable estate, gift and income tax rules, and your personal and family circumstances and relationships can all change dramatically between the time you plan your estate and when your death or disability occurs. In the estate planning stage, we need to build in as much flexibility and as many options as possible to address potential changes that can occur. In the administration stage after death or disability, we assess and outline the various options available to fully realize the estate owner’s wishes, minimizing taxes, costs, delays and disputes among family members, beneficiaries and those charged with overseeing the process, namely, your executors, trustees, guardians and agents under a power of attorney.

Some of the options and planning opportunities after death or disability are as follows:

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