What is Involved?

Administering an estate is basically the process of managing the affairs of a deceased person until all financial and other matters are fully addressed and the net assets are distributed to the beneficiaries, free and clear of claims and liabilities. The executor, trustee or other person you select to manage your affairs now serves as a fiduciary or caretaker for you to operate and complete the administration of your estate and personal affairs. Your fiduciary, working closely with your lawyer, accountant and financial advisors, will address all the financial, tax and personal implications of the estate legacy you have built, including:

At Lacy Katzen LLP, our team of lawyers, paralegals and legal assistants works closely with your selected fiduciaries, beneficiaries and advisors to accomplish your objectives after death or disability, in a way that minimizes the burdensome aspects and provides value to those you leave behind.

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