Dispute Resolution Alternatives

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The typical legal approach to the termination of a marriage is through the application of the traditional “adversarial” approach employed in many other litigated or contested legal matters. Under this approach, each spouse will typically hire an attorney and it is the responsibility of each attorney to advocate against the other for the benefit of their respective clients. While this approach can be both appropriate and beneficial in truly contentious matters, this “us-against-them” approach is not always necessary and can often lead to the creation of unnecessary disputes and animosity.

Since a divorce is the termination of a legal relationship, this traditional legal approach has historically been the primary method for addressing the need to divorce or legally separate. However, alternate approaches for the resolution of disputes and obtaining a divorce or separation are available in situations where the adversarial approach is neither necessary nor productive to reaching a mutually satisfactory resolution.

Our attorneys provide multiple approaches to dispute resolution, including:

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