Post-Divorce Enforcement & Modifications

A judgment or decree of divorce is a Supreme Court order that establishes legal rights, responsibilities and obligations of spouses. It will often address a wide variety of rights and responsibilities, such as child custody and support of children, the support of spouses, the payment of marital debts, the transfer of marital assets, the division of retirement benefits, life and health insurance coverages, and the like.

When these court-ordered obligations and responsibilities are not met by a divorced spouse, or if the responsibilities and obligations established under the judgment are no longer fair or appropriate (usually as a result of a substantial and/or unforeseen change of circumstances), it may be possible to make an application to the Court, seeking either to compel compliance with the order or to modify the requirements established under the order.

The circumstances that would support or justify a request for enforcement or modification of a judgment or decree of divorce are unique in each case. Our attorneys have the experience to help you evaluate your situation, determine whether enforcement or modification is warranted, and guide you in pursuing any post-divorce issues or concerns.

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