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Elder Care & Nursing Home Future Planning


Elder Care & Nursing Home Future Planning

Often, our clients or their children know that a spouse or a parent will need nursing home care in the future. Planning ahead, rather than moving at the frenetic pace often associated with crisis planning, can not only relieve stress on the elder and their family, but also allow our elder law attorneys to prepare and implement a plan that will protect a greater proportion of their assets.

Our services include:
  • Assisting those in need of nursing home services or homecare services with qualifying for Medicaid benefits
  • Navigating resource amounts and income limitations that a Medicaid applicant is allowed to keep
  • Implementing strategies to lawfully protect a substantial portion of elders’ assets
  • Asset protection for elders and their heirs
  • Analysis and recommendations related to protecting the home, cottage, camp, IRAs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, life insurance cash value and bank accounts
  • Review existing long-term-care insurance policies
  • Considering changes to Will, revocable trust or beneficiary designations to further insulate assets
  • Considering transferring assets while retaining control over the transferred asset maximizing autonomy
  • Considering transferring assets to trust, family partnership or gifting to protect assets from future long-term care costs
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