Lacy Katzen Attorney’s Commitment to the Community

Recently, attorney Mary Fisher was recognized in the Cracker Box Palace newsletter for her outstanding volunteer work and commitment to the community.  The organization is a registered non-profit, no kill farm haven located  in Alton, NY that serves as the Large Animal Rescue for Wayne County and has an all-volunteer Large Animal Rescue Team.  Farm animals of all kinds come to recover from illness, neglect or abuse at Cracker Box Palace.  Mary has volunteered at Cracker Box Palace (CBP) for six years now and has been on the Board of Directors since 2014.

Over the years, Mary has developed a particular affinity for a sheep named “Sweetie.”  Sweetie is a three-legged ewe, and Mary has worked to find a man that specializes in ‘people prosthetics’ to develop a leg aid for her.  Mary extends her involvement with CBP by organizing the Golf Tournament in June and Farm Frenzy, which is a hike-a-thon that takes place in October.  Here at Lacy Katzen, we are extremely proud of Mary’s dedication to the community.  We thank you for all that you do!