Lacy Katzen LLP Supports the Main Street Streetscape & Pedestrian Wayfinding Enhancement Project

In June, 2014, Lacy Katzen was contacted by Heidi N. Zimmer-Meyer, President of the Rochester Downtown Development Corporation, seeking our financial support of the City of Rochester’s application for over $1.55 million of federal funding for the Main Street Streetscape & Pedestrian Wayfinding Enhancement Project.  The application submitted by the City included a commitment of over $800,000 by the City and $100,000 in private funding from 10 companies owning property on East Main Street.  Each company, including Lacy Katzen, pledged $10,000.00.  Heidi Zimmer-Meyer believes it was the private funding contribution commitment that pushed Rochester’s application over the top in the national competition for the federal funds, which resulted in Rochester receiving the grant.

The project is concentrated around three major improvement areas:  The Main Street Streetscape, Liberty Pole Plaza, and creating signs to make it easier for pedestrians to navigate the city.  Sidewalk reconstruction will take place along East Main Street from the Liberty Pole all the way to the Genesee River.  Aside from reducing the ongoing maintenance costs and liability concerns that are occurring due to sidewalk deterioration, the reformation has the potential to create up to 50 new on-street parking spaces.  The lack of curbside parking has hindered retail development in the area.  It is the hope that an increase in parking spaces will directly correlate to private and public development in the Center City.  Improvements in functionality and aesthetics will have a positive impact on economic development and overall enjoyment of the downtown area.

This project has become a high priority as it will benefit the community in a number of ways including improving conditions for pedestrians, enhancing the look of the Center City, maximizing general functionality, supporting economic development, encouraging multiple different forms of transportation and improving the perception of safety in the city as a whole.

Lacy Katzen is proud to play an integral and supportive role in this project.  The continued growth and development of Rochester is important to us as we have instilled close ties to the City, its surrounding regions, and many who reside here throughout the years.  It is very rewarding for us to participate in this unique coalition, and we look forward to seeing the improvements, commencing in September 2016.