When many people think of the law, they think of litigation—attorneys zealously pursuing their clients’ interests. Courtrooms. Juries. Closing arguments.

As young people, many of us thought the same; it’s the first thing that drew a number of us to the legal profession. And while the realities are far more intricate than we first envisioned, and courtrooms are often replaced by negotiating tables and motions, that passion burns on. We are strategic thinkers totally committed to delivering results for our clients.

Our litigation attorneys have broad experience, including personal injury matters, criminal charges, estate contests, motor vehicle accidents, wrongful death, employment law disputes, hospital, surgical and nursing home malpractice; and insurance disputes. Lacy Katzen attorneys are knowledgeable, passionate, team-oriented and driven to bring justice to our clients’ cases. We utilize our collective knowledge to achieve positive results for each of our clients.

At Lacy Katzen, we channel our passion and zeal to represent our clients most effectively. With more than 60 years of experience and proven results, we still feel that passion every day—and it fuels our drive to achieve for our clients.

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