Criminal Defense Attorneys for Traffic Violations, DUI & DWI

Lacy Katzen litigation attorneys are experienced in handling a variety of criminal law cases and representing clients who have been charged or may be charged with violations of criminal laws. Criminal matters can vary widely—from a traffic violation, to DWI charges and criminal investigations. Violations of criminal laws may potentially subject you to substantial fines, incarceration and other serious consequences.

The way your criminal matter is handled, both in and out of court, can greatly affect your future in many different ways. While a conviction for a traffic violation can impact your driving privileges and increase your insurance premiums, a misdemeanor or felony conviction on your record could have potentially long-standing and devastating consequences to you and your family, possibly affecting future employment opportunities, as well as the right to vote, and to hold a pistol permit and certain professional licenses. Any conviction—whether for a violation, misdemeanor or felony—typically carries some type of penalty, the seriousness of which depends ultimately on the outcome of the case.

It is always wise to consult with a litigation attorney immediately if you are contacted by a law enforcement agency for questioning, if you are arrested, if you believe you may be arrested or if you receive a traffic ticket. Our attorneys have the background and experience to assist you regarding criminal matters.

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