Medical Malpractice, Hospital, & Nursing Home Negligence

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Trust – a word with such simple connotations. You may face a time where you must place that trust for your well-being in the hands of a doctor or provider. Physical ailments, hospice care, and surgery require you to place your trust in a doctor, surgeon, nurse, or hospital technician. Sometimes emergencies force these medical professionals to be chosen for you. You trust these trained and educated individuals with your health and well being as well as that of your family. Unfortunately, carelessness, lack of judgment, and medical errors can lead to tragedy. If you or a loved one have been harmed by medical error, you need the knowledge of an experienced lawyer to fight back. We understand the sense of betrayal you can feel when this trust broken, and the malpractice lawyers of Lacy Katzen are ready to represent you.

We are recognized as a leading law firm in Medical Malpractice. Named a Tier 1 Best Law firm in plaintiff’s medical malpractice by Best Lawyers in America, our team includes a consulting physician, nurse, an economist and the Best Lawyer’s “Lawyer of the Year in Plaintiff’s Medical Malpractice” in Rochester for 2013 and 2017. Our team has successfully represented clients injured by medical and surgical errors, failure to diagnose, poor obstetrical or labor and delivery care, nursing home neglect, and emergency room mistakes. For more than 60 years, our passion is the fight for those who have been harmed by poor medical care. As the healthcare system grows larger and more complex, our team will provide you with up to date knowledge and thorough understanding of all aspects of medical malpractice.

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