Birth Injury Medical Malpractice

The birth of your new child is a monumental milestone and moment filled with happiness. Tender care is necessary for these fragile and helpless bodies. At times, medical negligence by trusted professionals have dire consequences for both mother and baby in their vulnerable states. Medical Malpractice situations do not just happen to grown adults.  You must protect the well being of your child from being susceptible to these dangers. We at Lacy Katzen with our medical malpractice lawyers have successfully represented babies and their parents pertaining to wrongful and preventable birth injuries.

Birth Injury primarily occurs during labor, and can occur from a wide range of situations. Larger babies, over 8 lbs in weight, in particular can experience complications during a natural birth. Shoulder dystocia, where your baby’s shoulder becomes caught behind the pelvic bone during delivery, causes damage to the infant’s shoulder where immediate surgery may be necessary. Cephalopelvic Disproportion refers to the mother’s size and shape of her pelvis is not suited for a safe vaginal birth. Our experienced Lacy Katzen team has successfully handled cases where an infant suffered neurological injury and resulted in Erb’s Palsy due to failure to recognize shoulder dystocia and employ the necessary techniques to avoid injury.

A mother in labor experiences an arduous process. Prolonged labor in excess of over 20 hours from the first contraction can put both mother and baby in a high risk situation. Oxygen levels can begin to drop in the baby, the heart can develop an irregular beat, and the mother can suffer from the stress and exhaustion of the whole experience. Carelessness of an unobservant caregiver can potentially lead to the death of your child or severe injury including cerebral palsy.

Your caregivers are responsible for tracking the position of your baby as your pregnancy progresses. Some babies are delivered in a breech position where the infant’s legs are pushed through the birth canal first. A vaginal birth is possible if your baby is properly monitored throughout labor. Typically, if the baby experiences significant distress, the overseeing doctor should recommend a cesarean section (c-section). Failure to recognize fetal distress can lead to potential brain damage to your infant.

If a doctor is not vigilant during childbirth your baby can result with a birth injury. The Lacy Katzen Medical Malpractice lawyers can advise you on how to approach your case. Our Best Lawyer® recognized attorneys have the experience and understand the pain you and your loved ones are enduring. Let our team help you fight for the rights of your baby.

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