Failure to Diagnose & Misdiagnoses

Our medical malpractice lawyers know you seek professional advice when facing a health ailment. You trust these trained professionals are capable of properly diagnosing you and prescribing appropriate treatments. At the same time, many of us have heard heartbreaking stories of improper diagnosis and delivery of unnecessary treatments. The tragic truth: this can happen to you and your loved ones. Nothing can help you prepare for these mistakes, but our Best Lawyer® recognized Medical Malpractice lawyers can help you.

Having a care provider misdiagnose or fail to diagnose you can be devastating. Particularly with the case of cancer, inaccurate diagnosis can impact your well-being and even your life. If your doctor neglects to order proper tests, or prescribes unnecessary procedures, the results can have devastating effects on your cancer treatment plan. Regardless if you are suffering from breast cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, brain cancer, or lung cancer Lacy Katzen’s team can advise you of your rights.

Malpractice with medical diagnoses is not limited to cancer. At times other misdiagnoses can be equally life threatening. Failure to accurately interpret diagnostic testing can lead to excessive and unnecessary procedures. Failure to recognize the impact of certain medications can lead to devastating bodily effects. Failure to diagnose a brain bleed, heart attack, blood clot, or infection, can lead to the death of your loved one. The failure to observe simple yet important elements can quickly become tragic. Our team at Lacy Katzen has successfully represented each of the cases noted above.

Having one of our experienced and compassionate attorneys with you every step of the way can help you know your rights. We can help you seek justice for your medical malpractice case. Our team has successfully represented numerous malpractice cases for failure to diagnose. Contact our Medical Malpractice lawyers in Rochester, NY and get the help you deserve.

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