Medical Malpractice Lawyers Experienced in Surgical Error Cases

Surgeons are trained extensively in human anatomy, physiology, and proper medical and surgical techniques to better the lives of their patients. Despite years of residency and experience, avoidable errors can happen that can potentially be life threatening for you or a loved one undergoing a procedure. If you or a loved one experience effects from a surgical error, you need the guidance of the Lacy Katzen Medical Malpractice attorneys.

Wrong site surgery, damage to nearby organs and structures, injury to nerves and vessels, and instruments left inside the body are only some examples of the consequences of surgical error. These events are tragic, and you should not have to endure the consequences and other effects of some one else’s vital mistake. Loss of mobility, loss of sensation, infection, and even death can result from easily avoided mistakes. Our medical malpractice lawyers have successfully represented numerous surgical error malpractice cases, and are ready to advise and guide you for the outcome you deserve.

Let the Best Lawyer® recognized Medical Malpractice lawyers of Lacy Katzen help you and your loved ones move forward and achieve peace of mind. Contact our lawyers in Rochester, NY today.

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