Motorcycle Accident

No. Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable on the road. Many drivers do not act prudently around motorcyclists and follow or pass too closely. Some drivers find motorcycles difficult to see and pull out or turn in front of them, leaving the motorcyclist no time to react. Serious injuries to motorcyclists who are involved in even minor accidents are common. Prompt investigation of the scene can be particularly important since a seriously injured motorcyclist may have no recollection of the event. Our litigation attorneys can assist you with a prompt investigation to preserve evidence that may be critical in pursuing a claim.

Unfortunately, there are no personal injury protection or no-fault insurance benefits for motorcycles as there are for other automobiles. Only your personal health insurance, Medicaid or Medicare may be available to immediately pay your medical bills. Only a personal disability insurance policy may be available to immediately pay for your lost wages. In the case of a motorcycle accident resulting in serious personal injuries, a claim against the at-fault driver may be your only source of recovery for unpaid medical bills, lost wages and other damages.