Attorney John Refermat Secures Justice for Dedicated Coach

Those who are wronged by others may think they lack recourse, but our legal system is designed to get to the truth, through comprehensive fact finding and zealous advocacy that effectively applies the law.  Mark Storm dedicated himself totally to teaching and coaching at Honeoye Central, and his results speak for themselves, as the articles below attest.  Most of all though, Mark taught his players and students lessons on life, such as the importance of preparation, always giving your best, competing intensely but fairly, and resilience.  The way Mark taught, coached and lived earned him an excellent reputation, built over more than 30 years.

Then, one day in 2016, a few disgruntled parents attacked Mark not just as a coach, but as a person.  Although warned by other coaches that this was a battle he could not win, Mark pursued this case not only for himself and his family, but for the many other coaches who are falsely accused.  The ensuing, hotly contested lawsuit required all of the principles Mark had demonstrated throughout his career.  After nearly two and a half years of fierce litigation, the defendants agreed to settle the case on the first day of trial.

Ultimately, our legal system is about justice.  Johns says “working closely with clients such as Mark and his wife Kathleen (K.B.) is one of the great privileges of my career.”  Read more about their story at the links below:

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