Lacy Katzen Recognized in 2017 “Law Firm Challenge”

Lacy Katzen is proud to announce 100% participation in the 2017 Campaign for Justice “Law Firm Challenge”.

The “Law Firm Challenge” is a competition among Rochester law firms and public sector entities, the goal of which is to encourage attorneys under the age of 40 to contribute toward the annual Campaign for Justice.  This year, all Lacy Katzen attorneys under the age of 40 made a pledge or contribution.

On December 4, 2017, Lacy Katzen LLP received an award certificate recognizing its accomplishment. The social hour at which the award was presented was hosted by Volunteer Legal Services Project (VLSP), Monroe County Legal Assistance Center and the Legal Aid Society of Rochester at the Cub Room on Clinton Avenue in downtown Rochester.

A special thanks to Karen Schaefer, who served as co-chair of the 2017 Campaign for Justice, and Michael Wegman, who led Lacy Katzen in the Law Firm Challenge, and the attorneys who made contributions toward this year’s Campaign for Justice!

Pictured from left: Michael Wegman, Collin Doane, Matthew Eaves and Karen Schaefer.