Lacy Katzen takes to the streets

On Tuesday, May 22nd, Lacy Katzen took to the streets with 22 team members to participate in the 2018 J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge.  The Corporate Challenge is a 3.5 mile road race; a great health and fitness team building opportunity for many of the participating companies. This year’s race was centered around Frontier Field in downtown Rochester.

Susan Naccarella and Ginny Krutell recruited the Lacy Katzen team and acted as team captains. Team members included: Alison Blain, Beth Campbell, Etta Crumb, Mary Beth Davis, Jennifer Dixon, Collin Doane, Ami Gallagher, Susan Gill, Kimberly Heller, Adrienne Kiley, Virginia Krutell (team captain), Marie Kuitems, David MacKnight, Tracy Mastrangiola, LaTonya McGowan, Susan Naccarella (team captain), Mary Nault, Lisa Robertson, Matthew Ryan, Jill Routly, Haley Werner, and Kerry Vargulick.

Lacy Katzen team members had the following to say about last night’s event:

“It was a great group and I really appreciate spending the time with all of you yesterday. Lots of love to our two team captain’s, great job.” – Jennifer Dixon, Vendor Manager

“Thank you again to our team captains for organizing the event and to LK for sponsoring us. Fun was had by all.– Tracy Mastrangiola, Paralegal, Team leader

“It was a great time!!!  Thank you so much for putting it together.  Looking forward to next year. We totally rocked it!” – Etta Crumb, Paralegal

 “We are so glad to have the support of the firm, and to have so many participants this year!” – Susan Naccarella, Legal   Assistant and Corporate Challenge team captain

 “Great picture!  Glad you all participated and had fun.  Thank you!” – Craig Welch, Managing Partner

A big thank you to Ginny Krutell and Susan Naccarella for organizing this exciting, team building,  health and fitness event as well as to all those who participated!