The American Medical Association Advocates for Ban of Vaping Products

On November 19, 2019, the American Medical Association urged a nationwide ban on vaping products sold in the United States.  The AMA pointed to an increase in America’s youth using e-cigarettes such as Juul and the unknown risks associated with the products. The AMA President, Patrice Harris stated,  “The recent lung illness outbreak has alarmed physicians and the broader public health community and shined a light on the fact that we have very little evidence about the short- and long-term health consequences of e-cigarettes and vaping products.”   The call for a nationwide ban encouraged regulators to only exclude those products approved by the FDA for aid in tobacco smoking cessation and that even those be made available only with a prescription.

California and New York’s Attorney General’s offices filed lawsuits against Juul this week, alleging the intentional marketing and sale of vaping products to minors.  As reported in news outlets such as the New York Times, the suits allege that the company specifically targeted young people with misleading advertising.  Further, that some of the flavors of these products, including mango, fruit and mint,  were intentionally aimed at hooking younger users.  The Attorney Generals claim that Juul failed to warn customers that the products contain nicotine: a highly addictive substance.  The Attorney General of New York,  Letitia James stated, “By glamorizing vaping, while at the same time downplaying the nicotine found in vaping products, Juul is putting countless New Yorkers at risk.”  Juul Labs maintains approximately 70% of the e-cigarette market.

Injuries in the vaping lawsuit cases have included youth nicotine addiction, seizure, and lung damage.  If you or a loved one has suffered serious injury as a result of vaping, our personal injury litigators may be able to help.