Why a “single focus” law firm might not be the best choice for your personal injury case

We’ve all seen the ads. Hurt in a car? Our lawyers have a sole focus – we handle only car accident cases. The clear implication is they must be better because they do nothing else. But is a single focus law firm really better for you and your case?

A single focus Law firm may not be the best choice for you for a variety of reasons. Car accident cases can give rise to many issues from different areas of law. If the accident resulted in a death you may need a trusts and estates lawyer to assist you with getting appointed to administer the estate and to get court permission to handle any claim. If you have gone through bankruptcy or the defendant is going through bankruptcy this may have implications on the claim and your ability to recover. An attorney well versed in bankruptcy law and practice would be a valuable asset. If the accident happened at work or while the defendant was working, issues relating to employment law may arise. If the insurance carrier denies coverage an attorney experienced in insurance coverage matters could be critical. If your injury results in long term disability you may need help from social services or Medicaid and your recovery may affect your ability to qualify. An attorney experienced in Medicaid planning issues can help ensure that your benefits are protected. If the accident involves a young child, it may be advisable to set up a trust with the recovery to ensure that the funds last long enough to cover expenses far into the future. These and many other issues can arise in a car accident case and involve many different areas of focus.

It is certainly important to have an attorney who focuses their practice in personal injury handling your auto accident case. However, when that attorney has other attorneys available within the firm practicing in the areas of bankruptcy, creditor’s rights, employment law, insurance law, Medicaid planning and trust and estates law, you get the benefit of that knowledge and experience should those issues arise in your case. A single focus law firm may not have those resources available and may need to send you to outside lawyers to address those issues. At Lacy Katzen LLP our personal injury lawyers have been focusing on personal injury cases for their entire careers. We also have at our disposal a team of attorneys within the firm that have focused their careers on these other areas of law. The result is the ability to address just about any issue that could possibly arise in your case.